Subgraph Query in Python

The following example queries the Carbon DeFi Subgraph using Python.

1. Copy the following code snippet into a Python development environment:

Note that you must assign the value for "GRAPH_API_KEY" with your API key. This example acquires the key from an .env file. To get an API key, visit:

import requests
import os

GRAPH_API_KEY = os.environ.get("GRT_API_KEY")

# function to use to make an API call to the subgraph url
def run_query(q):

    # endpoint where you are making the request
    request ='{GRAPH_API_KEY}/subgraphs/id/3oYNFcwAGk5mVtzzMTDjanoMRsZRCGk88EFRn75dLRyp'
                            json={'query': query})
    if request.status_code == 200:
        return request.json()
        raise Exception('Query failed. return code is {}.      {}'.format(request.status_code, query))

# The Graph query
query = """

  pairs {
    token0 {
    token1 {

result = run_query(query)

pairs = result['data']['pairs']

print(f"number of pairs from subgraph: {len(pairs)}")
print(f"first pair: {pairs[0]}")

2. Run the code!

If successful, you will see a printout of:

  • The number of pairs found in Carbon DeFi

  • The token symbols of the first pair

The printout should look like:

number of pairs from subgraph: 87

first pair: {'token0': {'symbol': 'BIAO'}, 'token1': {'symbol': 'ETH'}}

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