Carbon DeFi on-chain architecture is aiming to simplify the access points and contracts one needs to interact with. Therefore, it is composed of only two contracts which are using proxy addresses, meaning their address is unlikely to change.

Carbon DeFi Github

Carbon DeFi Contracts

All contracts are visible and verified on chain:



0xC537e898CD774e2dCBa3B14Ea6f34C93d5eA45e1 view on etherscan

This contract serves as the entry point for all interactions with Carbon DeFi.


0x3660F04B79751e31128f6378eAC70807e38f554E view on etherscan

This is the Carbon DeFi strategy NFT.


0xba7d1581Db6248DC9177466a328BF457703c8f84 view on etherscan

This is the contract that receives fastlane transfers and allow public interaction with Carbon DeFi trading fees.

Carbon POL

0xD06146D292F9651C1D7cf54A3162791DFc2bEf46 view on etherscan

This contract receives protocol owned surplus tokens from Bancor V3 pools.

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