Managing Strategies

Carbon DeFi supports the ability to edit and manage existing strategies. This flexibility was designed to allow cheaper edits and further flexibility in how users can and will be using the strategy to match their trading activities.

Supported edit options include:

  • Create a new strategy - the ability to create new strategy with the desired buy/sell prices and allocated budget

  • Edit prices - the ability to change the buy/sell prices of an existing strategy

  • Withdraw funds - the ability to withdraw partial or full budget that is currently allocated to a strategy

  • Deposit funds - the ability to deposit additional funds into an existing strategy

  • Pause strategy - the ability to reset buy/sell prices and disable a strategy

  • Delete strategy - the ability to delete the strategy NFT and withdraw all allocated funds to the owner's wallet

Performing these operations requires calling the Constructor, however it does not require syncing the data.

To Manage a Strategy

  1. Initialize the SDK with the Constructor.

  2. Sign and submit the unsigned transaction to the blockchain.

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