Carbon DeFi allows trading between any token pair with active orders.

Trading on Carbon DeFi is similar to other decentralized exchanges (DEXes), users specify the tokens they want to trade, and see the expected results before executing a transaction. Carbon DeFi supports native ETH, wrapped ETH (wETH), USDC, USDT, wBTC, BNT and many other ERC20 tokens.

Carbon DeFi includes two functions for trading that enable user flexibility:

  1. tradeBySourceAmount: this is the “normal” trade function. Users indicate the amount of tokens to trade, and receive the maximum possible output.

  2. tradeByTargetAmount: this function allows users to indicate the number of tokens to receive. Users indicate the amount of tokens to receive, and trade the minimum possible source tokens to receive the indicated amount.

Only standard ERC20 tokens are supported (rebase, fee-on-transfer etc are not supported)

While all required data is available on chain, it is recommended to use the Carbon DeFi SDK.

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