Read Functions

The CarbonController.sol contract exposes the following read functions:

  • controllerType: Returns the number that specifies the controller version

  • tradingFeePPM: Gets the trading fee for the protocol, in parts-per-million

  • pool: Gets details for the specified token pair

  • pairs: Returns a list of all initialized pairs on Carbon DeFi

  • strategy: Gets a specified strategy, specified by ID

  • strategiesByPool: Gets a list of strategies for a token pair, specified by an index number range

  • strategiesByPoolCount: Gets the number of strategies created for the specified token pair

  • tradeSourceAmount: Gets the number of target tokens expected to be returned by trading the specified number of source tokens

  • tradeTargetAmount: Gets the number of source tokens required to receive the specified number of target tokens

  • accumulatedFees: Gets the number of fees accumulated for the specified token

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